About us

Ticketing software for museums, cultural heritage, zoos and visitor attractions

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Gantner Ticketing has been providing ticketing and leisure management solutions for the arts and cultural sector, visitor attractions and leisure industry customers for the last 30 years.

ReCreateX is the state-of-the-art software application that processes high volume ticket sales, memberships and guided tours plus much more. The software includes bespoke modules such as sophisticated CRM and has an easy to use Point Of Sale front end which processes group sales including invoicing and itineraries, shop sales, food & beverages and course bookings management.

Gantner Ticketing works closely with our international clients offering superior technology and fully customisable software aligned to each individual organisation’s specific needs.

We are proud of our customers using ReCreateX and these include: Tower Bridge Exhibition, The Monument, Guildhall Art Gallery, Keats House, The View from the Shard, Van Gogh Museum, Artis Zoo, Schouwburg De Lawei and Royal Museums Greenwich plus many more spread across the UK and mainland Europe.