Management change GANTNER Benelux-UK

We would like to inform you of an important change in the management of GANTNER Benelux-UK.

From 1 November 2018, Dirk Syx will take up a new role on the Gantner Group Advisory Board. As such, Dirk’s current role and responsibilities as Managing Director for Gantner, will henceforth be transferred to the existing management team.

This will see Edwin Hemkes, as the new Managing Director, taking responsibility for all commercial affairs, Project Implementation, Accountancy and Administration.  Dimitri Degraeve, as Managing Director will be responsible for Software Development, Product Management, and ICT.  Thomas van Rie, as Operations Manager, will be responsible for Customer Services, Logistics, Purchase and internal quality processes.

Please rest assured that, for our customers, things will remain unchanged.

We will continue to work on the most innovative products within the leisure sector, and we will offer growth and improvement to our services.   As part of this growth, we will be moving to our new offices in Ypres next year. Additionally, the coming months will see us:

  • migrate our Datacentre to Amsterdam
  • develop a brand new Customer Service Centre
  • fully renew our Customer Portal.

We are confident that all of these changes will allow us to offer an even better service in the future.

Thomas, Dimitri, Edwin


This message is written on: 
Friday 26 October 2018