Naturalis has chosen ReCreateX as ticketing solution

We are proud to announce Naturalis Biodiversity Center , based in the city of Leiden, has chosen Gantner for their ticketing solution.

Naturalis is a big science museum that also focuses on research and preservation. Or as they like to put it:

Through our impressive collection, knowledge and data, we record all life on Earth. This is important, as our future depends on biodiversity. Everything in nature is connected, and balance is vitally important for its continued existence. Naturalis has a passion for nature. We research nature in order to preserve biodiversity. This is how we contribute to solutions for major, global issues involving climate, living environment, food supply and medicine.

Earlier this year Naturalis started a tender for ticketing over 3 sales channels: online, POS and self-service kiosks. In this tender Naturalis demanded the opportunity to test the front and back office themselves.

Therefore we set up RCX and the webshop in a very simple way for buying tickets, creating accounts, using discounts/coupons and the rebooking of tickets.

Naturalis will use RCX through our ASP solution, there will be several entrance POS systems and several self-service kiosks. For the webshop they selected a web developing party (Swis) who will integrate with our API.

They will be using enviso trade for ticket reselling as well when the project is implemented as they currently exchange barcodes with many resellers.             


This message is written on: 
Thursday 08 November 2018