Building management

Gantner Ticketing developed a unique building management system in which “booking” acts as the starting point. The unique thing about the Gantner Ticketing building management system is the link to the Bookings module within ReCreateX. This allows heating, lighting, ventilation and access control to be controlled according to the occupancy of the accommodation or room in question.

Energy saving

A good building management system contributes towards a more rational use of energy. Lights and heating are often on at times when they are not really needed, which makes for unnecessarily high energy bills. The BMS from Gantner Ticketing links lighting and heating to bookings. If there is no activity in the accommodation, the lights remain switched off and the heating is automatically turned to the desired minimum temperature.

Staff savings

Building management also leads to a more efficient use of staff by replacing certain tasks of room managers with technology. Since all technical functions are controlled automatically, no manpower is required to open and close doors, turn on the heating or manage key plans.

Access control

These days, many accommodations have a comprehensive and complex key plan. If a key is lost or stolen, locks must be replaced. No one ever has any idea who is in an accommodation, when and for how long. Within the Gantner Ticketing building management system, keys are replaced by data carriers (key fob, badge, etc.). In the event of a loss, only the badge in question needs to be removed from the system, after which it can no longer be used. With this form of access control, the hire service always knows who has been in the accommodation and when.


Locally in the accommodation, the manager can always operate the system easily via a touchscreen interface. The system is also accessible from anywhere in the world via the built-in VNC server. With a login and password, the accommodation can be controlled via the Internet from the manager’s home or remotely from the central booking service.


The Gantner Ticketing BMS can be used for one door to hundreds of doors, for one room to hundreds of rooms. There are also a great many possibilities for integration with existing heating and lighting systems.