Camera surveillance

We are increasingly unable to keep an eye on everything all the time. Camera surveillance offers a solution. Camera surveillance gives people the feeling of being able to work, practise sports or engage in other activities in a safe, protected environment. An environment where property and goods are also watched over.

The important thing about a camera surveillance system is good picture quality, low bandwidth, good reliability and ease of use.

As an official partner of Milestone Systems, the number one in digital camera surveillance, and the camera supplier Axis Communications, Syx Automations can offer you an integrated solution that only uses the best software and hardware on the market.

Installers, project integrators, businesses, sports and recreation accommodations, etc. can count on us for the delivery and installation of the camera surveillance system. Training is also provided in our own training centre or on the client’s premises.


Milestone Systems is the world market leader in the field of open-platform IP camera surveillance software. This software has proved its strength in more than 50,000 installations, currently active in 100 countries.

5 good reasons for choosing Milestone Technology:

  • Powerful
  • Easy to use
  • Reliable
  • Scalable
  • Open Platform

The Milestone software package is available in different versions.

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The integration between ReCreateX and Milestone Systems consists of a link between the cameras and the card readers. Each card reader can be linked to a camera that is directed towards the reader in question. In specific terms this means that each time a card is scanned (single card, multi-visit card, access badge, etc.), this access control creates a logging in ReCreateX. Via ReCreateX you can call up the loggings of the card. By double-clicking the logging, the image of that particular time will be called up in the database.

Example 1: Someone offers his or her card at the entrance revolving door. Above this revolving door is a camera that is linked to the card reader. When this card’s loggings are called up, you can request the image for each logging.

Example 2: An object has been stolen from a room. Everyone who has access to this room with their pass is suspect. One person pretends that he was not present that day in the room in question, despite a logging of his card. He says it’s due to a malfunction of the system. When opening the logging, an image appears showing the person in question offering his pass.

The link between ReCreateX and Milestone Systems allows you to solve all discussions concerning remaining visits, presence or absence, etc.


Axis Communications has a wide range of high-quality network cameras, for both indoors and outdoors. As a partner of Axis Communications, Syx Automations can offer you the most suitable camera.