Course management tool

The ReCreateX Course management tool has been developed in close collaboration with the market in order to monitor students in a very simple and quick way, from the registration onto the waiting list until the presentation of diplomas and certificates. During the courses, detailed information can be saved, for example presences and absences and the achieved results per standard and level.

Customers can register on location, if required at the counter, or on the Internet via the online registrations module.

Highlights of the course management tool

  • Manage waiting lists and lesson groups
  • Manage lesson scores
  • Renew course membership
  • Transfer students to another lesson group
  • Print diplomas
  • Show picture of students
  • Keep track of presences and absences
  • Possibility to add extra information per student
  • Possibility to indicate priority during registration on waiting list
  • Graphic calendar overview of lessons in Outlook style
  • Possibility to use preferential lesson groups
  • Integration with access control. Thanks to visitor registration, a green or red icon is visualised. In this way, it is possible to check if the student was present or not on the selected lesson date.
  • Work planning of instructors, linked to lessons
  • Consult transfer history
  • Consult student follow-up history: follow up all manipulations of 1 or several instructors within a certain period
  • All sorts of reports are available: list of participants per lesson group, list of students present, list of students absent, list of achievements per student, follow-up of students per level, list of students per level, etc.

The module has been developed according to the Dutch properties of the NPZ-NRZ platform, but can also be applied for all other desired course methods.

Tablet - Smartphone

A perfect addition to the course management tool is a tablet or smartphone. With a tablet or smartphone, the swimming instructor can enter his or her pupils’ scores on the edge of the pool. Because everything is done live, via an integrated wireless network, the administrative tasks of the instructors are reduced to a minimum. The data in the central database are updated automatically and in real time so that the instructor no longer has to enter the scores afterwards.

The tablet or smartphone can also be used for devaluing memberships and lesson cards and as an extra mobile point of sale for taking orders in your catering facilities.


Your customers no longer have to get in line at the counter but can also enrol themselves online for a waiting list or lesson group at home.

For the financial settlement through direct payment, ReCreateX has simply been linked to Ogone, one of the most prominent European suppliers of payment services. Instalment and/or transfer/giro are also possible.

It is also possible to publish the students’ scores online through a link with your own website. The results are visualised graphically and it is shown in which fields the student obtains high scores and in which fields efforts will have to be made.

Parents, family or the students themselves can login using a personal user name and password. In this way they can follow up their progress online.

For more information about the course management tool, do not hesitate to contact us.

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