ReCreateX Basic

The Basic module contains the central database of clients/employees/articles. Every ReCreateX module is linked to this.


Within the client database we distinguish between individuals/groups/companies.


  • One-off input of personal information.
    Permanent information: name, address (option to link to Belgian street database), e-mail address, telephone number, fax number, mobile number, date of birth, national registry number, bank account number, etc.)
    For legal persons, a website, corporate form, VAT or enterprise number can be added.
  • Management of interests or mail codes
  • Designation of doctor
  • Option to add multiple telephone numbers
  • Automatic reading of data on electronic ID card
  • Updating of family composition
  • Overviews of registrations/facility bookings/tickets bought/equipment hired, etc.
  • Option to deactivate certain addresses (without deleting)
  • Option to merge clients
  • Option to export to Access or Excel


  • One-off input of group information.
    Permanent information: name, address, e-mail, telephone number, etc.
  • Input of contact persons with specification of position (chair, treasurer, etc.)
  • Input of club details (locations, federations, etc.)
  • Member updates


  • Designation of type of article (stock article, warranty article, rental article, waiting list article, teaching group article, etc.)
  • Recording active periods, parts, purchase price, etc.
  • Allocation of various prices
  • Option to assign bar codes
  • Updating of stock with multiple stock locations where applicable (via the Stock module)


  • Drawing up of employees/monitors planning
  • Linking of employees/monitors to facility bookings, registrations or exhibitions
  • Updating of cashier details, leave, skills, diplomas, contracts, availability
  • Performance overview, planning, etc.

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