The Registrations module was developed with the aim of managing enrolments for (sports and leisure) activities, courses and guided tours quickly and easily.

Participants can sign up for the activities offered at the counter, by mail or directly via the Internet. Rates can be determined using price groups (age, target group, etc.).

Registrations go beyond the enrolment procedure. For example, it is possible to book additional options, assign escorts or guides or book/block locations depending on the activity.

In short, from now on it is possible for you to manage the entire follow-up of activities simply, but no less completely, using a clear, user-friendly software program. The link to the Internet becomes a major selling point for you.

Flexible registrations management

  • Via the classic desktop application or via the web  
  • Various options for registration:
    • classic registration
    • fast registration
    • “grappelpas”/swap pass
    • daily registrations, e.g. running a playground
    • group registrations
  • Integrated with bar code scanning, badges, ticket printers, etc.
  • Print out registration, payment or cancellation certificates, tax certificates, etc.
  • Comprehensive payment and cancellation system

Comprehensive address management

  • Manage individuals, groups, doctors, locations
  • Manage contacts, relations, etc.
  • Manage client cards, discount cards, action cards

Complete activities management

  • Detailed overview of activities already engaged per person
  • Detailed follow-up of daily activities
  • Manage activity days, options, monitors, etc.
  • Manage participant lists, attendance and waiting lists
  • Manage extra information, e.g. requisites, comments
  • Comprehensive rate and discount system
  • Graphic activities overview via Outlook calendar
  • Graphic planning overview of monitors


  • Graphic overviews, financial overviews, attendance lists, option lists, etc.


  • Planned activities can be sent to your website, allowing your customers to register online.

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