Rental / Loan

Technical services, sports facilities, youth services, etc. often have all sorts of equipment available for lending or hiring (for free), such as tables, chairs, audiovisual equipment, balls, chronometers, etc. If, for example, someone books a tennis court, he or she can also hire tennis rackets. It is important to be able to efficiently update who is borrowing equipment, when, etc. This equipment is also often stored at different locations. Via the lending module you can always keep track of how many items are still in stock, who has borrowed them, when they are being returned, etc. If a booking is made, you can also specify whether an employee from a particular division is needed, e.g. to get equipment ready, etc.

All sorts of reports and visualisations can be called up:

  • list of letting articles per warehouse
  • list of rentals by start date
  • list of rentals by end date
  • articles per location
  • rentals, etc.

It is also possible to offer this service online to your customers.

This means equipment can be hired via the Internet.

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