Web modules

Register for an activity, buy tickets, rent a room, ... on the internet requires an especially intuitive way of working. The website has to be accessible for a varied public. The graphic design is highly important and has to be clear and evident.

We offer web services for all ReCreateX modules, allowing external website developers to communicate with ReCreateX. Gantner Ticketing developed a user-friendly and intuitive GUI (graphical user interface) on the basis of the renewed web services. The back-office module is entirely linked to the internet site. This concerns a live link, so that double registrations are excluded. The webshop also has a queuing system that buffers the flow of online website visitors. Dependent on the server capacity and band width, the number of simultaneous website visitors can be set up in the back office on CMS level. The webshop can be modified per customer using stylesheets allowing you to use your house style if you want to.

It is possible to connect to the webshop using an electronic identity card, a password and user name or on the basis of a national register number. Customers and family can be linked so that a father or mother can make a registration for his/her children. Step by step the website visitor is guided through the procedure.


  • Online Registrations/activities: consult and register for activities online
  • Online Membership: buy and renew membership online
  • Online Bookings: consult booking overviews and make bookings online
  • Online Course management tool: consult lesson scores online
  • Online Letting: online rental of equipment
  • Online Ticketing: buy culture tickets online
  • Online Exhibitions
  • Webshop After-school child care

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