Integrating a new software application often demands a thorough analysis of the working methods and the required functions. This is why Syx Automations always carries out thorough analyses free of engagement. At your request, our consultants analyse a number of different parameters, such as working methods, integrations with external tools and applications, technical installations, etc. Based on this analysis, a report that provides you with recommendations on how to optimise your visitor management is drawn up.

Consulting industrial automation – PLC techniques – ICT projects

When you need specialised knowledge, Syx Automations can always advise and support you for matters relating to information infrastructure, software tasks, PLC automation, energy issues and industrial automation.

Our consultants have all won their spurs in the ICT sector and will pass on their knowledge to your organisation with great enthusiasm. 


If your company needs a professional and qualitative approach to industrial automation with PLCs (B&R), do not hesitate to appeal to one of our experts by means of posting.

In the case of posting, collaborators of Syx Automations are called in to support your project.

In the case of posting, our clients temporarily have our best expert at their disposal to support the project in question. The services offered by Syx Automations guarantee the best circumstances for achieving optimal results, while you and our expert can focus on the task itself.

If you want to discuss the possibilities in the field of consulting or posting, do not hesitate to contact us, free of obligations.