enviso trade

enviso trade, a single cloud connection to many resellers, close deals quickly and boost sales

The traditional way of establishing partnerships and managing resellers involves lengthy, manual processes. Resellers typically get a large volume of ticket barcodes for reselling. This makes venues lack real-time insights into sales performance of resellers and they can't manage their reselling channels in real-time. This is where enviso trade comes in.

enviso trade provides recreatex customers with a pre-built cloud connection to distribute their tickets to a global ecosystem of resellers. With our ‘no cure, no pay model’, our customers can also easily start distributing tickets to new resellers channels. An open API can be used to connect new resellers or other ticketing back-office systems.


enviso trade offers you many benefits including

Single cloud connection

enviso Trade serves as a single connection to a global ecosystem of resellers and venues.

This helps you to quickly discover and connect with many partners at one place!



Social dealmaking

enviso Trade allows you to on-board partners with the ease and speed of social network.

Simply search a partner, view partner’s profile and terms, and digitally send partnership request. That’s it!




Optimise ticket sales

Easily assign commission and offer tickets to your connected resellers on enviso trade.

You can also change ticket distribution among resellers in real-time!




Monitor performance

Stay on the top of your key sales statistics of with live dashboard on enviso trade.

Measure partner performance and gain real-time visibility into your business!




Ready to take your reach global?

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