Booking systems software

Booking software

The ReCreateX bookings module is a booking systems software which enables you to follow up all bookings of all your infrastructures and locations to be rented.

Graphic planning board

The graphic planning board gives you an overview of occupancy at a glance. This overview allows you to immediately create new bookings, whether one-off or recurrent bookings (series or sets). Making simple bookings, series or sets can be done in a fast and simple way taking automatically into consideration opening times, closing days and holiday calendars. The booking systems software avoids double bookings, invalid activities per room and always calculates the correct price based on pre-defined parameters.

Thanks to the export possibility to Outlook, it is possible to visualise the bookings in the Outlook calendar which is very handy when certain employees, such as doorkeepers, want to consult the current occupancy of an infrastructure without having to use ReCreateX.

The direct link with the ReCreateX Letting module allows you to also rent material when making a facility booking.

Bookings can be registered in the back office (telephone, e-mail) and front office (reception, cash desk). If required, you can allow your customers to make a booking online in the ReCreateX webshop from the comfort of their own home. Your customers can consult the graphic planning board in order to know the occupancy, book an infrastructure and if required rent material.

The intuitive user interface guides your customers through the different steps of the online booking process and allows bookings to be made rapidly without the intervention of your employees. Once the booking is registered, a booking confirmation is sent automatically to your customers and the payment can be settled directly.

The intelligent cancellation system allows to have possible cancellation costs automatically calculated in function of different parameters, such as the cancellation reason and the defined cancellation periods.

Infrastructure & prices

It is very simple to create different infrastructures and to subdivide them afterwards into separate spaces. It is also possible to create accumulated places, to define opening times and allowed activities per place.
The ‘Rights per division’ allow you to determine which locations to be rented are visualised and if they can be booked dependent on the employee connected. This is useful if different services or centres use the same ReCreateX database.
The bookings module allows for an extensive pricing structure. It is for example possible to apply different prices dependent on different criteria, such as the booking time (busy/quiet hours), the activity and the type of customer.

Employee planning

It is possible to plan staff on the basis of a booking. With the integrated employee planning the required employee tasks are automatically generated, taking into account different factors on employee level, such as availability, skills and diplomas.


In addition to the integration with material letting, the bookings module can also be perfectly linked to other ReCreateX modules such as Ticketing, Registrations, Exhibitions and File management. In this case the locations are linked to the events, activities or exhibitions in question so that registrations in other modules also automatically generate the required facility bookings.

Do you want to save on energy and staff? This is possible if you link the bookings module to access control and building monitoring systems. The registered bookings trigger the activation of lighting, heating, ventilation and access control. All required actions, such as opening doors, control lighting and heating are done fully automatically and from a distance, dependent on the registered booking. (For more information we refer to the informative leaflet concerning the ReCreateX building monitoring system.)

Highlights of the booking systems software

  • Easy registration of simple bookings as well as series and sets
  • Extensive financial possibilities
  • Possibility to register advances and settle warranties
  • Integrated calculation of subsidies and allocations
  • Linked to material letting
  • Visualisation and booking rights definable on the basis of the logged in user
  • Online bookings in the ReCreateX webshop
  • Intelligent cancellation system
  • Integrated employee planning
  • Export booking overview to Microsoft Outlook
  • Linked to access control and building monitoring systems
  • Seamless integration with other ReCreateX modules
  • Extensive selection of reports

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