POS Software system

The ReCreateX POS module is a highly integrated module for a quick and easy settlement of sales (reception, shop, catering). The POS module seamlessly integrates with the other ReCreateX modules and thus offers a complete software system. It also allows to register for waiting lists/lesson groups and activities, to call up group bookings and to manage a comprehensive history of customers and membership. Culture ticket sales, bookings of facilities and registrations for activities can also be processed and settled within the POS module. Settlement is possible in different ways: through cash payment, electronic payment, invoice, direct debit, value cheques, gift vouchers or a combination of these.

Integration with other modules

Thanks to the integration with the purchase and stock module, you can always keep track of the current stock of articles and are warned automatically by the POS software system if certain articles need to be purchased.

The ReCreateX POS module holds a VAT certification. All financial transactions are correctly registered making fraud impossible.

Linked to access control, the POS module offers a complete automated software system for sales and tracking of visits and assures swift access to your infrastructure. When it’s crowded a self-service kiosk can be used as an extra point of sale for visitors. A self-service kiosk allows your customers to make a sale or a booking, to register for an activity or to buy a ticket on their own.

Offline POS

The use of the ReCreateX POS module requires a constant connection to the network. In the rare cases where the network connection is lost, it is possible to use the POS software system offline. This can be very useful for shops or catering infrastructures. The offline POS allows to continue registering sales. As soon as the network problems are solved, the offline registrations are synchronised with the ‘live’ environment.

Personalisation & protection

The key factors of a high performance POS software system are user-friendliness and flexibility, which allow you to serve your customers quickly. To guarantee this, the POS module is very intuitive, even more so if a touch screen is used. Moreover, the user interface can be entirely personalised. You can choose yourself which articles, functions and payment methods are visible on the POS screen. Product images and logos can be used as well. In case of catering facilities, it is possible to work with a table plan, allowing to register sales per table.

On protection level, different settings and configurations can be applied, if required even per employee. It is for example possible to define a PIN code in order to have access to the POS and to deactivate certain functions for certain employees.

Highlights of the POS software system

  • Clear overview
  • Unlimited number of keys
  • Multimodal: mouse, keyboard, POS keyboard, touch screen
  • Links to ticket printer, customer display, cash drawer and webcam
  • Choice of different POS menus with the possibility to integrate logos and product images
  • Directly linked to payment terminals (Chip&Pin)
  • Table sale is possible, linked to tablet
  • Bar code scanning for fast product sales
  • Integration with lunch vouchers, e-purses, gift vouchers and other payment methods
  • Direct input of PLU codes
  • Pay-in and Pay-out functionalities
  • Secured with password, PIN code or staff badge
  • Integrated visitor count
  • Numerous reporting possibilities through periodical statements, cash books, cash register reports and compared turnovers
  • Integrated with fully automated self-service kiosks

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